Fundraising in the midst of COVID-19

As a child my mother always told me that you can never fully prepare for what’s next, because life just doesn’t work that way.

She was right then, and even more so now.

2019 was the year we were supposed to talk about forever. As a nation we faced everything life could throw at us. Drought, fires, you name it and we had it. Some of us had barely recovered from one disaster or another before the start of a new year rushed past us, quickly followed by a new enemy called Covid-19. Few of us have ever experienced anything even remotely like this in our lifetimes so there’s no definitive guide on what a fundraiser should and shouldn’t do.

We’re in unknown territory now.

You’ve probably seen a dozen or so guidelines as to what you should and shouldn’t do next and while some of the content is excellent it’s mostly generic in nature, and assumes that all organisations, activities and donors are the same.

But we know that simply isn’t true.

Rather than write our own “Guide to fundraising in the shadow of Covid19” we would much prefer to offer real advice that’s created for you and your specific circumstances.

We make this offer to anyone at no charge without any obligation.

Regardless of whether you’re a client or not – we would love to speak to you via phone, Skype or Zoom to offer real advice on what’s best for you and you alone.

We’ve already helped some of our clients with emergency messaging and revised strategies around events, tax appeals, regular giving and digital campaigns.   Every chat we’ve had has had a different answer as to what’s the best way forward, but that’s also where we shine, in that we never take a one size fits all approach to fundraising.

Cookie cutting just isn’t us.   No matter what we’re facing.

We’re also well-adjusted to the new way of working forced upon most of us.   Since starting Synergy two years ago we’ve always been a home and cloud-based supplier. In short, we’ve been working in our pyjamas long before it became essential.  ????

Please, stay safe and know that you and your loved ones are in our thoughts.


Adam Drinan

Founder – Synergy Fundraising.

PS – to get in touch for a chat you’ll find all out details here!