Data Analysis

Focusing on data, leads to better decisions. It’s that simple.

Data analysis is particularly useful in making decisions where no obvious skew or trend is screaming at you.

Let’s say two groups of supporters receive the same messaging via email but only one group receives an accompanying SMS and mail pack.

Data can tell you if the SMS and mail pack generated enough additional responses to offset the extra costs (in terms of expenses, time and energy)

In this scenario the additional pieces would likely increase the response rate and even the average gift but may still generate a lower net return than the group that only received an email.

It’s a simple example, but by utilising the data we get real clarity on what to do when faced with the same dilemma in the future.

What’s the question that bothers you at night?

Are you concerned about which donors to approach or how often to ask your donors for support? All too often, the answers are hidden in the data you already have access to.

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One of the most common data analysis tasks we do for clients is figuring out how much to ask supporters for and how often should I ask.

The answers vary for almost every charity we’ve worked with. One charity may comfortably ask their donors for an additional 25% at Christmas time and see no reduction in response rate and a much higher average gift.

Whereas another charity could see an immediate reduction in response rate if the ask amounts are increased.

It’s why we also suggest split or A/B testing wherever possible. It’s the only low risk approach to finding out more about your supporters, and guarantees that the impact or the result of one change can be trusted.

Figuring out the optimum ask strategy is just one thing data analysis can do for you.

Data can tell us so much.

If you’ve ever wondered which donors might convert to regular giving?  That’s an easy one. We know the indicators can determine the donors most likely to convert to a monthly gift.

Not sure when to make that regular giving ask? That’s an easy one too.

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