Donor Experience

So many of our day to day decisions in life are altered by experiences.

Imagine you’re in a café and the service was slow, the coffee tasted awful and the air conditioning wasn’t working in January on a 30-degree day.

Will you be back in a few days for another coffee? I doubt it.

While retail sales and fundraising are two very different skillsets, they do share one thing in common.

If your donors experience isn’t positive, they’re unlikely to return or make another donation. It’s why every charity should focus on donor experience for two reasons.

If a donor is incredibly happy and engaged, they’ll likely increase their level of support over time.

If a donor isn’t happy you’ve got an opportunity to put things right before the donor is lost forever but it’s only possible if you have a proven method to identify the donors that aren’t in love with everything you do.

How are you currently measuring your donor experience?

One of the most common approaches is to introduce a net promoter score. It’s a near foolproof approach to figuring out which donors are likely to continue supporting you and which donors won’t.

By acting before it’s too late you can substantially reduce your rate of donor attrition.

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There are several ways we can help you monitor and improve your donor’s experiences.

Whether it be via donor surveys, net promoter scores or focus groups we can help you find out what motivates your supporters to stay and what encourages them to walk away.